TIS Wired Automation Technology

Based on "Advanced RS485" Communication, this 2-Way TIS-BUS drives many TIS hardware devices and commands, monitors, and controls them simultaneously via 2-way communication using a simple 4-Core Twist Pair Data Cable that is widely available in the market.
The TIS-BUS has gateways to AIR-BUS (Wireless TIS Products) through an AIR-BUS Convertor. It also communicates with UDP/TCP via a TIS-IP-Port.

Using TIS-BUS technology, an installer can connect up to 64 Devices on one cable that can reach up to 1200 meters in length.
If the installer links several BUS loops together using network bridges (TIS-IP-PORT), then up to 65280 devices per network can be smoothly linked.
TIS-BUS has very flexible connectivity. It primarily uses a daisy chain, and it can be either an open or closed loop/ring or star topology wiring.

TIS-BUS Operating Voltage
The TIS-BUS Engine can work across a wide range between 8-32 Volts. Moreover, it is considered green because it only consumes 15-32mA for most devices during operation. The TIS-BUS uses 4 wires (2 pairs): one pair for data communication and the other for power. The TIS-BUS also has several lines of protection, including reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat protection, and more.
Luna TFT LCD Panel
This panel with a 4.3” touchscreen and LCD temperature sensor offers a stylish and sophisticated interface for managing lighting, music, climate, motors, security, moods, and other third-party devices. It will also display reminders and alerts via the high-resolution screen.
The new face of TIS: Our push-button switches come in a variety of colors.
We bring you TIS push-button Mars switches.
Comes in 4gang, 8 gang, 10gang, and 12gang with AC thermostat.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
This is what these two bring.
They are simply beautiful in black and white.
Our TIS LUNA 9 GANG panel.
Energy servant 10 Functions ceiling mount
With PIR motion sensor, Light intensity sensor, Infrared control, 2 digital inputs, 12 volt outputs, 32 logic lines, used for saving energy, AV control security and automation.
TIS Relays are not your normal module. Featuring a train connection that eliminates messy wiring, these modules are durable and include an anti-fire casing.
They also come with different types of channels and amperes.
IP Port with RS232, RS485 Ports used for programming , controlling 3rd party device, and to connect free IOS IPhone I pad and android free application
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